Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Baby Shower

selecting just the right pieces for a kit
Ah, friends. My heart is so full. Today the ladies at my church packed SIXTY EIGHT baby care kits! Each kit contains:
two t-shirts
two gowns or jammies
two blankets
four cloth diapers
one jacket
two pairs of socks
one hand towel
two bars of soap
two diaper pins
kits ready to be shipped

Once Lutheran World Relief ships them wherever they are most needed, sixty eight babies will be clean and clothed thanks to sweet friends and family near and far and the selfless ladies I worship with every week.

I miss Maren so much. All the "what might have been" dreams and "why us?" questions are still so fresh and painful. I wish things could have been different. I wish she were still here with us. But I'm so thankful for the impact she made on so many people, and I'm thankful that little lives around the world continue to be blessed by her.

"Angel Gowns"
I got one more tear-inducing surprise this week from my sister-in-law Jenni's mom Jan. She made the beautiful christening gown we dressed Maren in when she was born and that she wore again for her burial. It meant so much to us to have such a beautiful dress for such a beautiful girl. Jan sent a picture this week of clothes she made for her hospital's "Angel Gowns" program in memory of Maren; if there's a baby like Maren who will only be here for a short time, or who was born too soon or died before birth, he or she will have one of these sweet wraps or dresses to wear. She said she's praying they'll just stay in the box forever and never be needed. I'm praying that along with her, but I'm so thankful Maren inspired Jan to do something so wonderful. I know these babies' parents will be so appreciative.

So thank you, friends. As I head off to bed tonight, I am so thankful for you. Thank you for helping me honor Maren, and thank you for blessing babies all over the world.

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  1. Wow!! What a lovely baby shower. I am very happy to see these awesome angel gowns. They are just adorable. Want to arrange something amazing for my baby shower that I will arrange at one of LA event venues. Very excited for it.